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Cafes and Coffee Shops

It is well known fact that cafes and coffee shops are now destinations for WIFI users, especially FREE WiFi. Don’t miss out on this ever expanding market. Even in the 3G and 4G era, Wifi is on the grow.

In today’s competitive climate, food services often need more to draw in more customers. LogicHotspot increases your customer base with little effort on your part by offering a secure managed service. We will list your store in a number of directories as well as our own live maps. Also never underestimate the word of mouth, reliable, secure WiFi location will be sourced out.

Build your shoulders, fill seats and increase sales by offering FREE WiFi. Staffing costs during unproductive times alone can break an otherwise profitable business. By offering Free Access in your cafe or coffee shop you will attract clients who are looking for a comfortable place to do business. 

Set up is fast and easy. Our product has been designed to be Plug & Play You can do it yourself or we can arrange a specialist to come in an set it up. The compact router system hides under the counter and that’s it: nothing to maintain, nothing to worry about. Just in case there is a 24 hour help line to assist.

Some key benefits are:

  • The ability to take control of your WiFi with LogicHotspots Triple Network System
  • Eliminate "Man in the middle” threats.
  • In-Bound Marketing – They are your customers, Send them you message! – which includes a management controlled custom login page, coupon ticketing program and a redirected landing page. To learn more on this visit our Benefits Page
  • More Customers – Free Wifi will create loyal repeat customers as well as new ones. This will include rocket stick and prepaid users, not wanting to use their data packages. Build your shoulders, fill seats.
  • In-bound marketing with customized login page, and protal page control.
  • Operation – Once the LogicHotspot Plug &Play equipment has been installed there no maintenance. Plus there is a life time router replacement, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. Our engineers monitor the system and provide phone support daytime hours, 7 days a week to respond to any difficulties.
  • You can use either the Coupon Management System or the EasyAccess System depending on your needs.

For more information please fill out our contact form or call 1 877 818-1808 with more details. A representative will be in touch with you directly with in 24 hours.