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Coupon Management

Control who and how long they are on your WiFi network through our Coupon Management system. Bring them back to your till for more time and more sales. By using the coupon system you can limit the time your customers have access to the internet.

Customers are required to obtain an coupon form the service / cash register area to be used to connect to the Internet. This system takes the pressure off you or your staff to ask a "long time sitter” if they would like to order something. The software terminates after the allocated time (determined by you) and requires the customer to come to the cash register for an additional coupon. Let the software be the reminder and not you or your staff.

Sample Coupons

Sample of why to use Coupons

  • Customers must be in the store to gain access. This will eliminate "Wi-Fi Freeloaders”.
  • Improves internet access and reduces the demands on your system by restricting freeloaders accessing your network by being just nearby your location.
  • Client controlled login and portal page creates "Branding” tool.
  • Change the message on the coupon
  • The system allows you to control Wi-Fi abusers by limiting the amount of bandwidth they are allow to download (i.e. 250 mb, 500 mg, 1 gb etc.).
  • The Triple Network System– customers now have the option to use the "Open” or the "WPA2-Personal” network.
  • Triple Firewall– for enhanced security.
  • Generate sales – 70% of people asking for an additional coupon make a purchase
  • Print off coupons and manage the system through an Administrative back end.
  • Create Consistency Across Your Brand with an unique experience that highlights your "brand” and creates loyalty.
  • Shows control
  • System is designed to be a plug and play
  • Comes with a usage statistics program
All the above is managed through an Administration backend.

To activate this system it is as easy a s a click of your mouse in your Administrative backend,