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EasyAcess was designed to make accessing the Internet as simple for your customers as it is for you to manage. You can also determine what they see when they first connect.... how long they are allowed on for... and how long before they are allowed back on.

  • No tickets, codes or passwords required, servers do not have to be bothered for this information.
  • Ability to update login page .
  • Ability to change redirect of portal page.
  • Assign the length of time the user is allowed on the internet – 10 minutes to all day.
  • Manage the renewal time, the amount of time until the user can login back on to the network. This prevents people taking up seats or sitting in the parking lot freeloading on your bandwidth.
  • Manage bandwidth usage.
  • Manage multiple units through a single Administration platform.
  • Comes with a usage statistics program.
  • Two networks, one for clients and one for management.
  • Terms of Use page.
  • Double firewall security.
  • SPUN technology nodes used when repeaters are required.
  • Commercial grade routers.
  • Stats program
  • Brand building…customized login page
  • Create consistency across your brand with this unique experience that highlights your "brand” and creates loyalty.
  • Shows control
  • All the above is managed by you through an administration backend accessible from anywhere with internet access.

    To activate this system it is as easy a s a click of your mouse in your Administrative backend,